Dynastar Speed Zone 12 Ti


Men's Piste Performance
Price: £595.00 (Bindings)
On piste short turns:
On piste long turns:
Ease of use:
Suitability for level:
Ability Level Lower Advanced Lower Expert Upper Advanced Upper Expert Upper Intermediate
Sidecut 124-82-112
Turn radius 15 (174cm)
Lengths 158, 166, 174, 182
Construction Active Air Core
3D Profile
Strengths Light, agile, easy to use but strong grip
Weaknesses Felt more comfortable in longer turns than shorts

They say

Designed for experienced and expert thrill-seeking skiers, the Speed Zone 12 Ti offers a very high intensity ride, to carve with maximum edging and no constraints

We say

This is another ski that initially feels light, agile and easy to use. Initiating the turn is completely effortless, but once onto the edge it can deliver and holds a strong arc. In long turns it seems to have limitless edge hold and is awesome for laying out big turns at speed. In shorter turns it is quick onto the edge and retains that character of being easy to use, the amount of grip available is still high. Although it takes longer to build the edge angle up than in long turns

Tester Comments

Dougie Mill
Light, agile and strong. Really good in a carved turn. Takes time for the grip to build in short turns
Pete Davison
Lightweight and very easy in short turns. Loads of grip in the longs