Scott Pure


Mens Big Mountain
Price: £535.00
High speed off piste:
Short turns off piste:
On Piste:
Ease of use:
Ability Level Lower Advanced Lower Expert Upper Advanced Upper Expert
Sidecut 141-108-125
Turn radius 26 (194)
Lengths 178, 188, 194
Construction Pro-tip Rocker
Venturi tip and tail
Sandwich sidewall construction laminate
Strengths Really fast, super stable, fabulous at high speeds
Weaknesses Harder to steer at slower speeds

They say

We say

The updated Pure uses a ‘Pro-Tip Rocker’ which has a progressive rise starting 450 mm from the tip. It also uses the ‘Venturi’ tip and tail shape which provides extra float and easier turn initiation. Out of all the big mountain skis this is the ski that felt the most focused on high speeds and open space! They feel really fast, the bases accelerate up to speed like a race ski. Once up and running it’s a ski that feels incredibly stable with no limits to how hard it can be pushed. Once committed to a turn the Pure gives a big, smooth arc, it flows from turn to turn beautifully and generally just feels amazing at very high speeds. As expected at slower speeds they are harder to steer, but for speed freaks, they are brilliant.

Tester Comments

Mark Jones
Total guns, fast, really stable and amazing to use at speed. A full on experience
Nicko Braxton
Straight line speed, proper chargers that need a big hill!