The Annual General Meeting is taking place on Thursday 19th November as a virtual meeting on Zoom at 5:30pm

These unusual arrangements are because of the current and continuing uncertainty with regard to Coronavirus (COVID19). Given that large-scale face-to-face meetings are not possible this year we have changed our normal plans from physical to virtual.

This year, to manage a large number of potential virtual attendees smoothly we ask that members:

Read the Annual Report: this can be found in the my ski locker members area of the site click here.

Register to attend: please can you register using the link in the member’s AGM email we have sent to you, if you do not receive an email please click to request one. We will then send you the Zoom link to allow you to attend.

Vote in advance: Please use the link and code we have sent you in the members AGM email. Proxy votes must be received by 4:00pm (GMT) on Tuesday 17th November 2020

Ask Questions in Advance please use the link included in the Members AGM email to register and post questions thus making the meeting easier to manage.

Questions and discussion after the presentations: we will still be able to pick up any unanswered questions during the AGM.


1. Approve the minutes of the 110th Annual General Meeting, held on Thursday 14th November 2019

2. The Chairman’s Report

3. The Chief Executive’s Report

4. Presentation of the Report and Accounts for the year ended 30 April 2019

5. Reappoint Alliotts as auditors

6. Re-election of the Chairman

7. Election of the Treasurer (please see page 16 for further details)

8. Election of Council members (please see page 17 for further details)