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Great news! Ski Club will be launching a fantastic new Insurance package this October ready for the 2020/21 Season. 

The new Insurance product in our opinion is the best in the snowsport industry, with it’s clear and adaptable policy. This means the current Ski Club Insurance product will not be available to purchase during September. If you need insurance for an upcoming trip we suggest contacting 0330 6600749 for a single trip policy or contact our Membership Team for further details on 020 8410 2015. 

Further news on the new product will be communicated very soon. Thank you for your cooperation.   



Understanding what level of insurance cover you need on a ski holiday can be confusing. Depending on where and what type of ski holiday you're going on can make a difference to the type of policy you should choose. This insurance guide will help clarify what you should look for when searching for ski holiday cover, with the Ski Club's own insurance providing wide-rangng wintersports cover.

Skiing or snowboarding is exhilarating, but accidents, injuries and delays can and do happen, so it makes sense to be prepared. Specialist winter sports insurance cover is invaluable if you're caught out with unexpected medical or travel costs.

Before purchasing an insurance policy consider what other activities you might be taking part in during your holiday. Tobogganing, dog sledging, paragliding and ice skating can all be part of a family winter holiday, so if you think you might be taking part, it's wise to check that your policy has you covered. We've designed the Ski Club's wide-ranging cover with this very much in mind.

There are also a range of policy options depending on the type of skiing you intend to do. If you are doing a lot of off-piste, touring or back-country skiing you will need different cover compared to sticking firmly to the pistes. There are plenty of different options out there, so ask your friends for advice, do your research online, and if in doubt ask specific questions before you make your decision.

Ski Insurance Tips

  • Note down your travel policy number and have it on your person. For example, note it in your phone and also make sure family members or friends on your trip have it too.
  • Follow the Ski Way Code on the mountain. This code advises the best way to stay safe on the mountain.
  • Be aware of local mountain rules. Insurers have the right to withdraw cover if these aren't followed.
  • If you purchase an annual cover, check the limit on the winter sports cover. Some policies might restrict you to a certain amount of days.
  • If you have arranged your holiday independently rather than a tour operator, you need to check that your insurance covers circumstances such as delayed/cancelled flights or additional accommodation if you are unable to get home.
  • Check your policy in detail for the type of skiing it covers. Some might not cover off piste, racing or freestyle skiing.
  • Insurers can withdraw their cover if you are under the influence of alcohol or drugs on the mountain. So think twice if you are drinking on the mountain at lunch or on breaks.
  • Some insurers now insist that you wear a helmet.
  • Make sure your equipment is well maintained and is in date. Faulty equipment could affect your claim.
  • Keep your equipment in view .If you leave it in an unattended vehicle, for example, it may mean you are uninsured.
  • If your equipment is stolen you need to have a police report in order to claim, and show evidence of receipts where appropriate.
  • Take your European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) on holiday. This doesn't replace your insurance cover but most policies ask you to have it on your person. To apply for a card click here.
  • Travel Insurance FAQ's

It is a sensible choice to take out winter sports insurance because of the risk involved in these types of active holidays. It will also give you a good peace of mind whilst you're on the mountain that you have the right cover if an accident does occur.


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